Need to relocate yet to another area? With so much to do and often so little time to do it, 
BZ RELOCATION SERVICE takes the pressure off! Let us co-ordinate your move 
again. As you already know, we will tailor our services to meet your personal requirements.


  • De-registration Resident Registration Office
  • De-registration with suppliers: 
Electricity, gas, water, garbage
  • De-registration GEZ
  • De-registration Internet / Phone contract
  • De-registration mobile phone contract
  • De-registration insurance contracts
  • De-registration Child Allowance
  • De-registration Parental Benefits
  • De-registration Car Registration and Car Insurance
  • Forwarding request with Deutsche Post
  • Facilitate return of bond, breaking of lease
  • Coordinate termination of school and kindergarten enrolment
  • Arrange three removalist quotes
  • Provide transfer to Nuremberg airport
  • Other services upon request